It Takes a Lot of Heart

A guy in Detroit had a heart attack, and, as you might expect, called 911. And, as you might also expect, one of the EMTs did CPR on the guy while the other one drove. But then, in the middle of giving a guy CPR for a heart attack, the EMT has a heart attack of his own. You might expect that a guy having a heart attack while doing CPR on a heart-attack victim would maybe try to get some help for himself, right? Not this guy. Instead, he kept on doing CPR on the guy. Is this guy a badass or what?

Despite his own distress, the 40-year-old EMT finished caring for his patient. Hardman warned his partner, who was driving, that there’d be two patients instead of one once they arrived at DMC Harper University Hospital.

I can only imagine that this guy has a hard time putting on his pants in the morning because of the enormous balls. Anyway, he got his guy to the emergency department alive, and then became a patient himself; apparently both survived.

That takes some serious dedication right there. Now, I take my job pretty seriously, but fair warning: if you retain me to handle your appeal, and I have a heart attack in the middle of writing your brief, I’m going to stop working on it (at least long enough to, you know, have someone look into the whole heart-attack thing).

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