To those of you who are new readers, welcome.  This is basically a spot for me to indulge my love of/pathological need to engage in writing.  What you’ll see here is basically any number of posts about anything that happens to interest me at the time.  Most of the time, it will be humorous (or an attempt at humor), so the “humor” tag/category will be reserved for those posts where it might not be obvious to some people that I’m just trying to be funny.  TV has close-captioning for the hearing impaired; I have the humor tag for the humor impaired.

To those who remember my old blog, and are wondering where those posts went, well, they’re all here.  I took the unusual step of going from managing my own WordPress install to moving to WordPress.com (most people do it the other direction).  I figure this way, they handle backups for me, they keep the software and plugins up to date, and I can spend more time just writing the damn thing.  When I moved, I moved all the old entries here, but I unpublished them.  From time to time, I may release some of the better ones again, once I get an idea for what’s good and what sucked, and so on.

I also figured that starting over might spur me into actually writing more often.  Clean slate, and all that.  I hope that ends up working.  And I hope you enjoy what’s written here.  I’d say it doesn’t matter, because I’m just writing for me, but if I were just writing for me, I’d hardly have to do it here where everyone could see it, would I?

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy.

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