I’m Geoff Brown.  I  and work in the suburban Detroit area with my wife, our son, and our three cats, one dog, and tank full of fish.  At work, I’m a lawyer who handles appeals, primarily in the defense of doctors, lawyers, and other professionals being sued for malpractice, but also in the defense of other liability cases.  I also handle appeals in a variety of other kinds of cases, and prepare insurance-coverage opinions.

I’m not the comedian Geoff Brown (who’s extremely funny, by the way)–that’s this guy lien.

Think of this as the hub for my various internet presences.  If you’re looking for more business/professional information about me, you’ll find a link to my LinkedIn profile.  You can also find a link to various social-networking sites (sorry, I may need to know you personally before I’ll connect with you on some of them) and my blog.  My blog used to be at this URL, but I decided to kind of start over with it, and also that managing WordPress on my own was getting to be a headache, so I decided to let WordPress do it for me.